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[SWTOR-RP] Open Course Night

Date: Jun 14, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Mebeth
Category: Hosted by SWTOR-RP
Events don't run every Thursday, so check here for the schedule:

Event created by The Refuge: 'Over the course of their life, every character develops special skills, gains new insight, discovers handy little tricks and just generally learns a whole lot of stuff. To get some use out of all that knowledge, this weekly event is dedicated to all those things characters have to share - Jedi mind tricks, Alchemical rituals, combat styles, thoughts on the great questions of life, wilderness survival skills, or even Wookiee hair rug-making.

How does this work?
Rotating Thursdays, the Refuge holds an open evening of courses that anyone can attend. These can be short seminars, exercises, debates or lectures whose style and content is entirely up to the person running them. A list of the next Course Night's topics and seminar leaders is posted weekly.

This will be held at the Refuge SH and is by invite only as the SH cannot be listed. You can contact Refuge guild members you know or the lecturer.'

Check for more SWTOR-RP events on our server - remember to act as a good example of the guild (but also have fun!).


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