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These are all the types of training course we offer. We will run them every now and then but if people express enough interest in a particular course, we can run it sooner. We'll probably invite people from SWTOR-RP as well.

Some training courses are required for promotion (although while we're still putting the course content together, this requirement can be delayed).

Keep an eye on the Events forum and calendar for upcoming courses. We're still in the process of making the content for them, so anything with a strikethrough isn't ready yet. If you want a particular course, we can prioritise it over the others.

Our current priority for making courses is:
  1. Basic Fieldcraft Training
  2. Radio Operator's Course
  3. JNCO Training Course

And the full course list is:

Officer Training Course:

JNCO Training Course:

SNCO Training Course:

A Note on Specialists:
These are all the specialisations military personnel may take. Some have advanced specialisations that may be taken at a later date.
Field Specialist (requires intermediate fieldcraft training)
Combat Technician (requires combat engineering qualification)
- demolitions (requires field pyrotechnics training)
- systems (requires digital combat skills training)
Combat Medic (requires first aid training)
- field surgeon (requires full medical training, not offered by the task force)
Marksman (requires principles of marksmanship training)
- sniper (this is a skills-based specialisation)
- scout (requires advanced fieldcraft training)
Radio Operator (requires Imperial communications qualification)
Gunner (requires heavy ordinance training)

Other training:
Drill Course: Learn how to carry out smart and efficient drill movements individually and as a unit.

Drill Instructor's Course:

First Aid Course:

Basic Fieldcraft:

Intermediate Fieldcraft:

Advanced Fieldcraft:

Radio Operator's Course:

Weapons Training Course:

Combat Engineering Qualification (CEQ):

Field Pyrotechnics Training:

Digital Combat Skills (DCS):

Principles of Marksmanship:

Imperial Communications Qualification (ICQ):
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The drill course is now fleshed-out and ready to run. Ideally we need one NCO (to teach it) and four other ranks (to learn) to make running it worthwhile, but we can always run it sooner by inviting people from other guilds to take part.
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