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Name: Mebeth Eleni
Species: Half(?)blood Sith (half-human)
Sex: Female
Age/Date of Birth: 28/unknown date in 7 BTC
Background: thranta breeder/trainer, Sith Lord (production and logistics, bladed combat focus)
Current Rank: Lord Commander
  • Animal handling: thrantas (advanced)
  • Lightsabre combat: Jar'Kai (advanced), Djem So (intermediate), Makashi (basic)
  • Force powers: Speed (intermediate), Bellow (basic), Fear (basic), Lightning (beginner), Rage (advanced), Drain (basic)
  • Technical skills: slicing (beginner), piloting (advanced)
Courses Taken:

Would like to learn: Combustion and/or Pyrokinesis, Destruction

Current Focus/Interest: Makashi, Fear
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