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Name: Law'rence Barnes
Sex: Male
Age/Date of Birth: 21
Background (i.e. past occupations): military active duty(21st Airborne Battalion, transfer to 106th Legion, transfer to 6th Scout Battalion)
Current Rank: Sergeant
Ranged attack: Advanced
Ranged defense: Advanced
Thrown weapons: Intermediate
Ranged weapon focus: Blaster Rifle

Melee attack: Basic
Melee defense: Basic
Melee Weapon focus: combat knife
Strength: Intermediate
Physical endurance: Advanced
Awareness(Perception): Intermediate
Acrobatics/evasion: Basic
Climbing: Intermediate
Swimming: Begginer
Stealth: Intermediate
Tracker: Basic
Computer Use/Slicing/programming: Begginer
Engineering: Basic
Medical: Basic
Demolitions: Basic
Piloting: Basic
Emplaced gunning: Begginer

Courses Taken: Airborne School, Air Assault School, Pathfinder School, Warrior Leader Course(in the previous units)
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