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Name: Vodil

Species: Human/Cyborg

Sex: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 58

Background: Imperial Soldier, Sith Acolyte & Apprentice

Current Rank: Sith Lord

Description: Vodil is tall, thin, and permanently encased in life support armour. Both legs are cybernetic below the mid-thigh, his right arm is fully cybernetic, and if seen in kolto without his helmet and mask the right-hand side of his face is heavily scarred with an implanted cybernetic eye. When seen in his kolto tank outside of his armour, his chest is heavily scarred, much of his right shoulder is replaced by cybernetics, and implants are scattered across his chest.

  • Cybernetic physical strength & jumping, unable to force jump.
  • Able to survive in the vacuum of space (when in life support armour) for approx. 12 hours.
  • Enhanced pain threshold and vital stabilisation through automatic injections provided by cybernetic implants and life support armour.
  • Enhanced vision, including thermals via his mask, zoom only via the cybernetic eye.
  • Lightsabre forms: Form I (Advanced), Form V - Shien & Djem So variants (Advanced/Intermediate), Form VII - Juyo (Basic)
  • Force powers: Fear (Advanced), Rage (Advanced), Choke (Advanced), Scream (Intermediate), Push-Pull-Lift-Throw (Advanced)
  • Technical skills: Slicing (intermediate, cybernetically enhanced), piloting (intermediate), Surgery (Intermediate), Cybernetic repair & maintenance (Advanced)

Courses Taken: Standard Imperial military training (when 18)

Would like to learn/study: Further knowledge of Juyo, the secret of eternal life.

Current focus/interest: The secret of eternal life.
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